This year has been a very good one, and there many things I am proud of, but I also have some regrets. I am happy with my grades, they where pretty bad for a while, but I got them up to all As this six weeks, and that is obviously very helpful to my future. […]

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This poem is very interesting to me for a few reasons. It like that it makes me realize how stupid and pointless being in a gang is, and it is a very honest poem. It is a poem that tries to speak to a group of people, and tell them to stop what they are doing, […]

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Looking Ahead

There are many things that I look forward to. Now that I only have 2 years left, I am starting to realize how little time I have left. In the future, I hope to continue to make good grades and not get in trouble. Hopefully this can help me in the future so that I […]

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I think education is very important.  It is not only important for jobs, it is also important for everyday life. If you are not educated, you do not know some basic concepts that other people do know. I value education, especially here in high school. I think I aim to both become completely educated, and […]

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1984 vs 2015

I think that Orwell was partially right. There is definitely a separation of the poor and the rich. The middle class has been dying for a while now. People who are poor or not rich are different than the rich, and vice-versa. This video was pretty eye opening. The rich are richer than I thought. […]

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I woke up today feeling drowsy, as always. Another day of school was ahead of me, and I was not looking forward to it. I put on my clothes,  and took a shower. I left my house after the robot served me breakfast, and I ate it. The bus was late, another glitch in the […]

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