Musical Influences

My taste of music varies a whole lot. I like pretty much every genre of music, but there are a couple that stand out for me personally. ¬†For more recent artists, some of my favorites are Eminem, M83, and Twenty One Pilots. Eminem and 21 pilots have songs with some very powerful lyrics. (Eminem is […]

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With 800 million dollars, I think that I would have to learn to control myself. That is a lot of money, but I would still have to be smart with it. I think I would try to keep myself hidden as the winner, and enter college. I don’t really know what I will study yet, […]

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Family (Heritage)

My family is all from Peru, a country in South America. We came to the US in 2008, but we still have a lot of relatives who live in Peru. My moms side is full Peruvian for a long time, but my Dads side is a bit different. His grandmother was half Italian, so that […]

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self inventory

I think that I have gotten better at not procrastinating, but I still have to work on that. I left this blog until the last day, but at least I got this one on time. My grades have actually gotten better. I have all A’s (for now) and I am pretty proud of myself for […]

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I am thankful for many things, but there are a few that stand out among the rest. For example, I am thankful for my clock. It shows me the time, and it also wakes me up in the morning. Without it, I would probably miss the bus all the time. It also was a present […]

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The person who served in the military in my family is my aunts husband. He is pretty much like an uncle to me. He served in Vietnam back in the 70s. It means a lot to me that he put everything at risk in order to protect his country. He is pretty inspiring to me, […]

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