I woke up today feeling drowsy, as always. Another day of school was ahead of me, and I was not looking forward to it. I put on my clothes,  and took a shower. I left my house after the robot served me breakfast, and I ate it. The bus was late, another glitch in the system. I got on the bus, and the bus hovered away to the school. While i sat on the bus, I decided to holotime my friend who was in school. I got to school just in time for 1st period. I took out my school tablet and took notes, not really paying attention. I had just finished speaking to the buddy when history class began.

The automated robot teacher began to teach us about world history, same old boring stuff. Ever since robots had been drastically improved, everything was much easier to do. As I dozed off, I remembered that he left his lunch at home. I quickly texted the housebot to deliver it to school. The rest of the day went by quickly, I chatted with friends, and didn’t pay much attention to school as usual. As soon as school ended I went to track. Water conservation had been on the rise, so showers and water bottles had been scarce. Soon after my dad came and brought me home. He told me about his day, which was always pretty interesting since he worked in the government. He told me that relations with China was getting worse, and that some people thought nuclear war was imminent. All of this remained on my mind as I went to bed. My last thoughts were about how I wanted to join the colony on mars, and leave this stupid planet.


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