Throughout the book, Gene is extremely jealous of Finny, this causes him to push him and break his leg. I hated Gene, and I think that his jealousy was the main reason behind my hatred. He is oblivious to his jealousy, and he tries to justify it when he realizes that he is jealous. This book taught me that jealousy can cause people to do things that they normally wouldn’t do. I don’t think that I am a jealous person, but if I am ever jealous of something or someone, I hope that I can get over it and move on, or else maybe I will become delusional like Gene was. There are many things to be jealous of, and hopefully I don’t get too jealous in my life. I guess jealousy could be good as motivation for someone, so that they improve themselves to try to make themselves better. That is the one positive about jealousy.


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